Events Walkthrough

In this guide you’ll learn how to create and register for gun shows & events.

You can access Gun Shows & Events from the homepage.

This is the Gun Shows & Events page. You can see all currently registered events and on the calendar the event dates are underlined. You can search events by name, city or date.

This is what an event looks like. You can see who’s hosting the event, the date, location and price. You can contact the host for more info. To let others know that you’re going, simply click “Count Me In!” on the bottom. You can leave comments as well.

How to register your event:

If you’re hosting a firearm related event, you can register to have it displayed on the events page.

You can access your events from your profile as seen above. Now let’s go over the events menu.

Events I’m Attending: See all the events that you’re attending.

My Events: See all the events that you’ve created. This is where you register for new events.

Click “Add New” and fill out the event registration form then click “Submit Event” to finish.

My Locations: Shows the locations of your event.

My Event Bookings: Shows how many people are going to your events.