Forum Guide

In this guide you’ll learn about our forum feature.

You can access forums from the tab on the left side of the screen. When you get to the forum page you’ll see the three main forums:

Auction Armory – Forums for site & app updates, support requests and member feedback.

Firearms – Forums for a wide range of firearms.

General Discussion – Forums for anything else firearm related.

Within the main forums there’re many sub-forums. Members will be able to create as many topic as they want in the sub-forums and new sub forums are added upon request.

How to Subscribe to Sub-Forum/Topic

Members can subscribe to sub-forums and topics to get notifications on when new topics/posts are created. Simply click the “Subscribe” button to stay posted.

You can gain quick access to forum topics that you’ve created, replied to and subscribed to from your profile menu.

As I’ve mentioned, if you have ideas for new sub-forums just let us know 😀 You can either contact support or post in the Auction Armory “Feedback” forum.