Groups Walkthrough

In this guide you’ll learn how to use groups.

You can access groups from the homepage or your profile. When you go to the groups page, this is what you’ll see:

This is the groups page. From here you can see all of the available groups, your groups and you can also create new groups. You can filter the groups by activity, members, new, alphabetical or search by name.

This is what you see when you create a new group. You’ll need a name and description and you can customize the group with pictures & banners. You can choose¬†to have a forum in the group and all the settings can be changed later.

This is what the inside of a group looks like. In the middle left is the group menu.

Home: This is the wall where group members can post updates, share pictures and videos.

Forum: The group admin can choose to or not to have a forum in the group. With a forum, group members will be able to create topics and discussions.

Members: You can see all group members.

Events: You can see all group events.

Manage: Only group admins can access the manage menu. As an admin, you can change group name, description, profile picture and cover photo. You can turn forums on or off. You can also promote members to become moderators & admins or remove them from the group. Lastly, you can delete the group if you wish.

Media: Stores all photo & video files that group members have uploaded.

Send Invites: Invite other members to join the group.