How to Make an Offer?

In this guide you’ll learn how to make offer to products.

As a buyer, you can make offers to all “Buy It Now” products. This means that even if the product has a fixed price, you can still make your own offers and it’s up to the seller to decide whether to take the offer or not.

First, find a product that you want to make an offer to. You’ll find a “Make An Offer” button on the product page. This button is only available to “Buy It Now” products, not “Auctions”.

Click on the button and a window will pop up. Enter your desired offer price and double check your name & email then click “Submit Offer”. The seller will receive an on-site notification and an email regarding your offer and the seller can either accept, decline or make a counter offer. If the seller sends a counter offer, the buyer will be notified by an email as well. For more info on managing offers, check out this Guide.